What is the Briarwood Elementary School Foundation?

The Briarwood Elementary School Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to enhance Briarwood Elementary School’s ability to create rich educational experiences for all students. Directed by a board of parent volunteers, our primary purpose is to fund programs and supplies not provided by federal, state, school district, or Parent Teacher Association (PTA) budgets.

Where does the money raised go?

The money raised by the Briarwood Foundation goes to grants requested by the Briarwood Principal, Briarwood Teachers, and Staff. These grants directly benefit the students at Briarwood.

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Who We Are

The Briarwood Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing additional support and programs to Briarwood Elementary School. The Briarwood Foundation is supported by parents, families, neighbors, our local community and businesses that seek to provide resources beyond tax funding to sustain superior education at Briarwood Elementary School.

The Briarwood Foundation is strictly a fundraising and fund-management organization that can support the entire school, special groups, individuals or programs.

What We Do

The Briarwood Foundation solicits donations from businesses, organizations and other foundations dedicated to educational support. We also host programs throughout the school year to allow our school to earn money. Some of those programs include:

Foundation Fundraising Events

  • Sponsorships
  • Individual Donations
  • Friends and Family Signs
  • PTA Contributions

The Foundation is not in competition with the PTA. In fact, it was formed to allow us access to additional unrestricted funds to assist our school.

The Briarwood Foundation works closely with the Briarwood Principal and the Foundation Board to ensure the money raised, allocated, and saved fits the missions of the Briarwood Foundation and the school.

The Briarwood Foundation Council

Interested in joining the Foundation Council?

Email Valerie Moeder for more information valerielmoeder@gmail.com